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I guess that I should begin at the very beginning so you have a feel for how our company started. My father was a carpenter foreman for a number of large construction companies. These companies built large buildings as well as schools in East Central Indiana. They built the school in Daleville and Modoc which is known as Blue River Schools now. They also built the 29th Street Junior High School in Anderson. In all of these projects I carried water to the workers in a bucket. All of my uncles were carpenters so I was always around someone that was in the building trade.

After I graduated from high school I went to work at General Motors. I had not been there very long when it became evident that the only way I could fulfill my goals was to work at another job. I went to work for a local builder that was building about twenty-five homes a year. This was very good training. As time went along I realized that I wanted to be my own boss. I started doing small and large room additions and remodeling projects.

In 1973, I became incorporated as Stevens Construction and Remodeling. I became friends with a man who owned a tool and die shop locally. I did a large mold shop for him and a number of other projects. He had about 50-55 pieces of property and I was doing all of his maintenance work. In 1984, I became involved with another tool shop owner in Anderson and did a major addition to his company as well as remodeling the rest of the building. Other projects included a major addition to a True Value hardware store, beauty shop, rent-a-bays, and mini warehouses. At that time I had fourteen people working for me and it became more difficult to find people that were as motivated as myself. I always worked at being successful as well as building a reputation for doing it right and being fair in everything that we do.

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Today, Fineline Custom Homes will build a couple of custom homes a year and a number of very distinctive remodeling projects. Our company excels in specialty projects where no one else has the expertise to tackle and the man power to finish in a timely manner.

If you have any questions about your next home or remodel feel free to ask them here.